Moving to Southend-on-Sea

So, you made the bold decision of moving to Southend-on-Sea

You have chosen well by moving to Southend-on-Sea,  a seaside town full of great things.

You have picked a great home, can get to work, and you have your children all set up for a school. After the excitement of moving,  It seems like you don’t know anyone in the area and evenings and weekends start to get a bit dull.  It’s at this time that you look for things to do. It is also where we hope you find Southend-on-Sea Round Table.

Brighten your evenings with Southend-on-Sea Round Table

This is what happened to Mark, a young man who was originally from Leigh-on-Sea. After moving around the country to progress his career, he moved back and found that he knew few people in the area. “I thought I knew the area well and could reconnect with old friends. It wasn’t really that easy” says Mark. He then got in touch with an old friend to ask about joining a club to get to know people. After looking at Rotary and others, he was introduced to Southend-on-Sea Round Table. After a couple of amazing evenings and learning about what it is you can do in the community, he signed up and has been a member ever since.

“I have done things I never thought I would, I have been to places I never dreamt of visiting. I have made friends that I know I will have for life”

“Most of all, it is the excitement of flying helicopters, travelling abroad, flying gliders, trying skiing and so much more – finally, here is a club that was awesome for me.”

This is the belief of the members of Southend-on-Sea Round Table Southend-on-Sea. There is the chance to do fun things and to really give back to the town. Southend Round Table run the Big Beach Bang and the Colourthon. Both raise hundreds of thousands of pounds which are raised for some amazing causes.

In conclusion, if you are moving to Southend-on-Sea and find yourself in need of new friends, get in touch with Southend-on-Sea Round Table. You will never look back

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