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About Southend Round Table

Round Table is all about having fun with a group of friends while at the same time trying to help the local community.

Round Table started with just one man’s idea. Louis Marchesi was a member of Rotary in Norwich but had the brainwave of starting a new organisation for young men between the ages of 18-45. Round Table was born with the motto ‘Adopt, Adapt, Improve’ and from small beginnings of one club in Norwich, Louis’ dream has become a reality, with over 1,000 clubs and 13,000 members.

Round Tables operate individually but with a common cause, and together they form The National Association of Round Tables of Great Britain and Ireland. But that’s not all.. Round Table exists throughout the world and has links with like-minded clubs internationally.

Southend on Sea is no different and we have been having fun and giving back since 1936 and have played  a big part across the town.

If you want to start having some fun whilst helping the community then gives us a call!


What does Southend Round Table do in our community?

Southend Round Table are a group of young men who help the local community by:

  • arranging and creating local events that bring people together, make people smile and raise money - the Big Beach Bang and the Colourthon are our big ones
  • receiving requests to support local causes that we pass the money we raise and passing that money on - 100% of the money raised goes to causes. You can see some of the organisations who have received our help on our fundraising page
  • supporting local organisations by offering advice, manpower or other resources to help them deliver support to their communities or causes - see some examples on our how we help page
  • helping young men develop skills to support their lives - these are mostly confidence building soft skills of negotiating, dealing with the public, public speaking and leadership, as well as hard skills like event management, event safety, risk management, finance management and meeting management 
  • helping young men to build connections or networks in Southend, Essex, around the UK and the world as well as giving them the chance to experience new things or cultures

Southend Round Table

Round Table is all about having fun with a group of friends while at the same time trying to help the local community.

Who We Are

We are a group of young men who get together, have fun, learn and do new things and give to Southend.

Big Beach Bang

The Big Beach Bang is the leading display in Southend which raises much needed funds for local causes.

The Colourthon

The best Night time walking half Marathon event in Southend which has raised over £1.35m for local causes in just 11 years

Help Us To Help More

We give away tens of thousands of pounds every year to support people in Southend. Help us give more by making a donation

Want Our Help?

We offer funds to all kinds of causes and people throughout the Southend community. If you would like our support, just Get in touch

Join Us

We are a brilliant club for young men and are always looking for more people to come along and join in. Get in touch now and join our next meeting FREE

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